Make City Port spaces hubs for innovation

In addition to the symbolic value of transforming previously abandoned areas into the City Port’s most innovative places, transitional spaces between the city and port are good locations for creative districts and innovation hubs in a world where responsiveness, forward-thinking, and flexibility are increasingly necessary.

Good practice

The World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS) in La Marina of Valencia is a space developed in partnership between Valencia City Council and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Its main mission is twofold, knowledge management and communication. On the one hand, the CEMAS has to manage knowledge in programs, projects and actions for sustainable food, developed in urban settings. This includes assessing policies against malnutrition, food production or avoiding food waste. On the other hand, the CEMAS must communicate and disseminate relevant information and data for sustainable food and nutrition to reach the media and public opinion. This center is hosted in La Marina as part of its innovation district, directly on the waterfront, implementing new uses in this part of the port city.

CEMAS’s objectives

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