Marco KAMIYA who leads globally the Urban Economy and Municipal Finance Branch of UN-Habitat, will open the AIVP Days on Thursday 6th June 2019. He will share his vision on a better and more sustainable future for all port cities in the world, based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda AIVP 2030. Marco KAMIYA will deliver to the gathered audience of decision-makers and elected representatives a strong message on these challenges of what road map for tomorrow’s port cities.

Marco KAMIYA leads the Urban Economy and Municipal Finance Branch of UN-Habitat since June 2014. He works globally from the headquarters in Nairobi (Kenya) on business models for urban expansion, revenue enhancement initiatives, credit rating, financial management… Specifically, he develops productive development policies, focusing on sustainable urbanisation of cities, developing models to improve city productivity with productive transformation policies, job creation and Local Economic Development approaches. In 2017, he coordinates a report on the global urban competitiveness of cities network including port cities impacted by the new Silk Road.

Prior to joining UN-Habitat, Marco worked as Regional Director General of the CAF Development Bank for Latin America in the Department of Public Policy and Competitiveness. In this capacity, he managed, designed and implemented programmes on city productive development, innovation policies, entrepreneurship and infrastructure. Previously, he worked for the Inter-American Development Bank in in Washington DC, and before for PADECO Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.

His recent publications are:

  • “Cities Network Along the Silk Road: Global Urban Competitiveness Report 2017” UN-Habitat and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2017
  • “Economic Foundations for Sustainable Urbanization” UN-Habitat and Morphology Institute Paris launched at MIT in January 2017
  • “Finance for City Leaders Handbook: Municipal Finance to Deliver Better Services” UN-Habitat

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