Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment, a leading international publication for professionals in the construction industry, has devoted its latest special feature to collaborations between ports and cities, drawing on work done by AIVP.

Entitled “Cities reconciled with their port“, the report is an excellent advertisement for our work and our new, much praised AIVP 2030 Agenda.

The eight-page feature notably looks at the issue of urban-port planning and “how to build the city with the port”, explaining that “the sharing of territory is made easier by the dialogue created between the urban and port authorities.” This is precisely AIVP’s message!

Find interviews with Philippe MATTHIS, Chairman of AIVP, as well as Olivier LEMAIRE, General Manager, and with our members in Le Havre, Strasbourg, and Toulon in the September 2019 issue of Le Moniteur.

Read the article (In French).