Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) is a statutory corporation and the landlord of all Bulgarian sea and inland ports. BPI Co. is the managing body of the public transport ports and is responsible for the development and modernization of the Black Sea ports of Varna and Burgas and the Danube river ports of Lom, Vidin and Ruse. In addition to its regular activities such as construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the port infrastructure, wave protection and shore-strengthening facilities, etc., BPI Co. also provides traffic management and shipping information services, performs functions to enhance the safety and efficiency of maritime and river transport.
The Head office of BPI Co. is located in Sofia. In the biggest port cities of Bulgaria –Burgas, Varna, Lom and Ruse, are located the four Branches, the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and River Information Services (RIS) Authorities and the Port Terminals Operation Directorate of the company.

Why did you decide to join AIVP?

The ever-changing environment in which ports operate has led to a substantial transformation in the traditional functions of port authorities – acting as a “community manager” the port authority has an opportunity to advance and maintain good relationships with all economic and societal stakeholders of the city. Thus, ensuring synergy between port and city is quintessential nowadays. AIVP has already established a dynamic and sustainable state-of-the art network with the aim to support the dialogue between all stakeholders concerned by port city projects. As a member of AIVP we will have an access to regional and international players in the sector and to important exchange of strategies and knowledge with other port cities and their managing bodies.

What are your expectations of membership?

Without any doubt the success of a port and its pre-eminent role in the economic growth, depend on its capability to create stable and good relationship with the city, combining coherence, added value and collaboration. BPI Co. has always considered that the continuous transnational and cross-border cooperation and know-how transfer are crucial for the development of the Bulgarian ports and their cities. For this reason we are eager to learn from case studies, initiatives and good professional practices from other AIVP members.

What can you offer to AIVP?

We are looking forward to participating as actively as possible and sharing our experience and knowledge with our fellow AIVP members pursuing our common goal – to stimulate dialogue between all possible stakeholders and pro-actively intervene in market processes in order to safeguard the general interest of the ports and their cities.