On 9 February 2023, the AIVP, in collaboration with Carbolocal, committed to a new ecological project to plant hedgerows on agriculture land belonging to a family of farmers in Normandy.  

The initiative is entirely in line with our CSR policy and will actively contribute to our climate and biodiversity objectives.  

The operation was carried out in the village of Manneville-la-Goupil, where a group of hardworking local schoolchildren aged between 8 and 10 planted more than 300 metres of hedgerows! “Well done” to them. Their efforts echoed those of their fellow pupils at a school in India, with whom they have been talking about environmental issues since the start of the year.  

By supporting this project, the AIVP is aiming to help improve the landscape, increase auxiliary biodiversity, protect crops from prevailing winds, store carbon, and finally conserve water resources in an area heavily affected by erosion. This first operation will inspire others, to show our long term commitment to agroforestry.