Citythinking runs the Technical Office created by the Port Authority of Seville (APS) to manage the design and project development of the new Port Urban District. The main objectives of their activities are:

  • Reconverting 2 km of port land along of the banks of the Guadalquivir River as an opportunity space, encouraging integration into the city and promoting participation
  • Giving new life to the architectural and industrial infrastructure without losing its identity as a space with links to the port
  • Establishing a self-sufficient economic-financial management system with a flexible, adaptable model
    Citythinking, with its experience in strategic consultancy, territorial and urban planning, and project management, will head the Technical Office. The team is formed by a group of top-level consultants covering all the fields of specialisation necessary for the various approaches required in a development of this complexity (heritage buildings, environment, mobility, economics, society, etc.)

Why did you decide to join AIVP?

Citythinking has joined AIVP because it is the organisation responsible for managing the integration of the Port Urban District into the city of Seville. Over the next three years, the Technical Office will work to integrate into the city an area of 44 hectares along the banks of the Guadalquivir, currently used for industrial and transport purposes. This will be done by redeveloping buildings and sheds of great heritage and cultural value, thus creating avenues and green areas for public use to generate a new, innovative, sustainable port urban district. Citythinking has joined AIVP to learn about the good practices of successful existing port-city reintegration projects.

What are your expectations of membership?

For Citythinking, as leaders of the Technical Office for the Seville Port Urban District, joining AIVP, or the Worldwide Network of Port Cities, represents an opportunity to interchange knowledge and experience. As members, we hope to have close contact with experts and public-private actors in areas related with the integration of the port districts in other cities, and to learn from their experience.

What can you offer AIVP?

Through the Technical Office – with its multidisciplinary team of architects, urban-planners, economists, sociologists, real estate experts, engineers and landscape planners – Citythinking can offer its experience in the strategic and technical management of urban districts. By carrying out the integration of the Port Urban District, we will respond to the needs of this area of Seville and the city as a whole from different, enriching perspectives. To AIVP we will contribute our experience in the management of a river port which forms a regional hub, with great historical, cultural and heritage value.