Al pie del cañón, Valencia Port
Al pie del cañón, Valencia Port

Few days ago, AIVP was contacted by one of its members, the Port of Valencia. They had launched a social media campaign named “al pie del cañón”, that could be translated as remaining in our positions regardless the danger. The goal of this campaign was to valorize the work of the people that must continue working in these difficult moments. People such as doctors and nurses, cashiers, fire fighters or port workers. One thing we are learning during this crisis is to value the work from professionals that rarely get the spotlight. I am sure you have read in your national newspapers articles fairly praising these persons. We have seen as well that it is in port cities where we find most of these anonymous heroes the port of Valencia wanted to give a face. Port cities are the frontline of this battle against an invisible enemy.

The case of the Italian port cities

Each one of the countries affected by the corona virus has prepared specific plans to fight the crisis. As our colleagues from Italy, the country firstly affected by the virus on large scale in Europe, explained in an article this week (PDF in Italianread the English introduction), ports organized and contacted governments for more direct action. The presidents of Italian port authorities have defended that ports are key elements not only to overcome the crisis, but also to reactivate the economy in the near future. The emergency legal changes approved by the Italian government had the double goal of reducing the risk of contagion, while also guaranteeing the flow of first need goods and the maintenance of the supply chain. These measures required of course an efficient coordination between different territorial actors and levels of government, and between private and public entities. These extraordinary measures have also been repeated by different governments, as those from France or Spain, among others.

The other crisis, climate change, must not be forgotten.

Today, we are still far from returning to our normal lives. The fight continues, and each one of AIVP members is finding new ways to contribute. However, we cannot forget other challenges our society is facing, such as climate change, biodiversity lost or the energy transition. This crisis is forcing us to change our social habits, from consumption, to leisure, work or relationships. Without forgetting those that struggle today, this time may also be an opportunity to reflect on the effects of our activities on the planet, as we see images and maps showing the difference in the pollution in our cities. While solving the current crisis we may think on how to avoid another one.

Let’s share best practices

In the meantime, we need to continue working, “al pie del cañón” as our colleagues said. AIVP main mission has always been to transmit useful knowledge to our members in port cities around the globe. Today, in this difficult moment, we want to continue sharing the good practices that are making a difference, particularly in the local context. We want to learn how the actions of the national governments, such as those from Italy, are complemented by the coordinated plans from ports and cities to help their citizens. For this reason, we invite our members to share with us their projects and we will transmit them, perhaps inspiring ideas in others part of the world. In order to do so, please get in contact with José SANCHEZ.

If there is one thing this crisis is showing is that we need more than ever to work together and show our solidarity to others. AIVP is here to learn about your stories in the frontline and share them with the world, spreading positive news.