Since 2019, the Agenda 2030 by AIVP has been a strategic reference framework for many port cities around the world. With its 10 goals, this agenda sets a course towards the sustainable port city. Of course, it is all the more ambitious when the main stakeholders of a port are jointly committed. The approach adopted today by Port Atlantique La Rochelle is remarkable in this respect, as it brings together the region’s private companies and the port authority.

Since 2015, the port and the Union Maritime de La Rochelle had already signed a Sustainable Development Charter for the port. But climate, energy and ecological issues have now become such that the community wants to commit even further. The result is the “Charte de transition écologique de la place portuaire” (the Ecologic Transition Charter for the Port Territory), the result of a process of reflection led by the port community within the port’s Development Council, based on the AIVP’s Agenda 2030. The resulting reference framework comprises 9 challenges and 42 actions, like so many levers for progress, some of which are mandatory for the signatory company, others recommended.

AIVP is proud to sign this charter alongside Port Atlantique La Rochelle and Union Maritime. The self-assessment tool made available to AIVP members will enable them to measure their progress over the coming years.