On 30 June 2023, a new book entitled “Port City Atlas” (nai010 publishers, Netherlands, only available in English) officially went on sale. The book features a selection of new maps and infographics illustrating 100 port city territories across Europe, from Riga in the east to Lisbon in the west, and from Stockholm in the north, to Naples in the south. The book’s creation was coordinated by two professors from the University of Delft (Netherlands), Carola Hein, who is also an expert for AIVP, and Yvonne Van Mil. Port cities are particularly well suited to cartographic analysis and spatial mapping. They are nodes for maritime flows, inspire opposition or coalitions, and are central to public policy at the local, regional, and national levels. For these reasons, the President of AIVP, Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre (France), was keen to write the preface to the book. AIVP’s General Manager, Bruno Delsalle, represented the association’s Executive Committee during the book’s official launch and expressed his hope that it would be a great success.