The Connection and Reflection Group, a think tank created as part of the European Connected River project, met for the first time in Brussels (Belgium) on 28th November. It is chaired by Carola Hein, professor at TU Delft (Netherlands).

The group’s members were introduced to the methods developed under the project, and were given a glimpse of the content of the six pilot schemes. They were also able to express their own views of the projects and its achievements since it was launched in spring 2023. The port of Brussels then presented the various challenges it faces in relation to the canal it operates. Chief among these is maintaining industrial activity while improving waterfront areas for city center residents. 

The day concluded with a guided tour of the area around the port authority building, pointing out several urban regeneration projects on brownfield sites.

The Connected River project is funded by the Interreg North Sea program and aims to tackle challenges related to shared waterways and waterfronts. AIVP is responsible for disseminating best practices among the different project stakeholders and to its own members, to ensure that the positive benefits of the project are shared as widely as possible.