During this meeting  Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa ; Edouard Philippe, Mayor of the City of Le Havre ; Christian Estrosi, Mayor of the City of Nice ; Roger Roux, Mayor of Beaulieu sur Mer were able to exchange views on the city-port interface theme of AGENDA 2030. The AIVP delegation was then welcomed by those in charge of the Waterfront di Levante (Genoa) construction site, a project imagined by the architect Renzo Piano. By 2025, this project will allow the Genoese to reclaim the former site of the Genoa International Fair in the immediate vicinity of the Amico shipyards. A new public garden along the coastline will also be created. This is a major project for the Italian port city which will further reinforce its attractiveness and increase the quality of life that it is already able to offer to its inhabitants.
The aim of the meeting was also to strengthen the links between two cross-border port cities, members of the AIVP, which have important assets to put forward in terms of port and airport complementarity.

At the end of this day of exchanges, Edouard Philippe, Mayor of the City of Le Havre, President of the AIVP ; Mario Girard, Chairman and Managing Director of the Port of Quebec, Vice-President of the AIVP ; Alberto Cappato, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development of Porto Antico di Genova, Secretary General of the AIVP ; Mohamed Ouanaya, Chairman and CEO of the Port of Tangier City, Treasurer of AIVP; Bruno DELSALLE, Director General of AIVP; Corinne LALLEMAND, Deputy Director General of AIVP, held a meeting of the AIVP Executive Board. Two main subjects were on the agenda: the reinforcement of the notoriety of the AIVP and the strategy for the implementation of the next world conferences of the AIVP, including first of all the conference of Venice from 16 to 18 November 2023.