Mr. Bruno Delsalle, the General Director of the AIVP, spoke during the OECD Virtual Pavilion session titled “Cities going blue: Localising action for climate-proof blue economies”, which took place on the 14th of November. The aim of the high-level session was to highlight the role of cities and regions in harnessing the potential of a resilient, inclusive, sustainable and circular (RISC-proof) blue economy through the discussion of several concrete cases and statements from international organisations.

Mr. Bruno Delsalle highlighted two key messages during his presentation:

  1. Ports are facilitators for the blue economy and are important stakeholders that can promote collaboration
  2. Port cities are hubs for blue innovations, research, and education, thus being great places for future industries

To conclude, Mr. Delsalle reminded the audience that new governance practices and collaboration between stakeholders are essential to achieve a RISC-proof blue economy. His and other speakers’ messages, including that of AIVP member Barcelona’s Agenda 2030 Commissioner, Mrs. Barbara Pons, showcased the importance of working locally to grow the blue economy sustainably.