The European Optiwise consortium, which is endorsed by AIVP, intends to expand wind propulsion more than ever by relying on key players in the shipbuilding industry, such as Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Ayro, and MARIN. These major firms are aiming to cut polluting emissions in the maritime shipping sector by between 30 and 50%, using two processes: wind assistance (by means of a composite “sail” or a rotor) and aerodynamic optimisation in ship design. Three case studies are set to be deployed: bulk, tanker, and passenger vessels. A significant proportion of the various kinds of goods (and the ships that carry them) will be tested with this new technology. AIVP has chosen to back the project’s candidacy, as wind propulsion could one day drastically reduce smoke emissions, vibrations, or noise, all of which are negative externalities for residents of port cities. Our association also believes that sustainable and inclusive growth will necessarily come from innovation and knowledge-sharing. For these reasons, AIVP will be an associate partner (consultative role) of the European Optiwise project.