The port of Ceuta is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean; it is a leading port for cargo movement, bunkering, bulk liquids, passengers and vehicles from Spain.

Ceuta enjoys a privileged location on the Straits of Gibraltar. It offers tax benefits, and the port has well consolidated experience in passenger and cargo traffic, as well as bunkering. The port makes a significant contribution to the local economy; it is also a good complement to the tourist industry as it is completely integrated with the city.

The 2020 Business Plan, approved by the State Ports Board, includes a line of action entitled: “Port-City interactions” for the period 2020 to 2023.

Why did you decide to join AIVP?

The Port of Ceuta is a fundamental pillar of the city’s economy and development. Port management aims to forge closer links in Port-City relations through various initiatives and projects. We therefore see our membership of AIVP as an opportunity to share experiences and impressions with other organisations on an international level.

What are you expecting from this membership?

By joining AIVP, the Port of Ceuta hopes to learn about the most up-to-date aspects of Port-City relations through continuous exchange of information in order to carry out future projects to this end, and to publicise more widely its short and medium-term actions.

What can you offer AIVP? (specialist knowledge, information on projects, other)

The Port of Ceuta can attract other services and activities to start up and develop; it offers new alternatives and opportunities for development, especially considering its location intimately linked to the urban infrastructure. Port and city work hand in hand to meet today’s circunstances and challenges, which form the background of the development of commercial traffic in the city.