Can a commercial harbor become an efficient fish nursery?

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DUB-Photo_Gilles_lecaillonPorts infrastructures traditionally have extremely low ecological contribution because they have been designed and built with minor or no consideration to the existing marine ecosystems. As most marine flora and fauna reside in coastal areas, anthropogenic changes to shorelines are one of the key reasons for habitats losses and thus decline in marine biodiversity. GIREL-3R is a research and development program led by the Port Authorities of Marseille Fos. With this project, the Port is looking for innovative engineering ecological solutions to compensate damages on marine ecosystems caused by its operation and future development operations. ECOCEAN has implemented two pioneering processes with the objectives to save young fishes from high predation that would occur within the port area by lack of habitat. The presentation will highlight the promising results for this two solutions and show how the port can significantly contributes to protect and enhance marine biodiversity.

Gilles Lecaillon is the founder and current CEO of ECOCEAN. He is a marine biologist, oceanographer and conservationist specializing in the study and use of post-larval fish for ecosystem conservation and rehabilitation. He has over 15 years’ experience in the PCC technology (Post-larval Capture and Culture) used for prevention and/or mitigation of over-exploited tropical and temperate reef fishes. He has worked on tropical reef conservation and rehabilitation projects in various seas (Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea, South East Asia and Pacific Ocean) and has recently been more focused on temperate waters (Mediterranean Sea). Gilles has acquired a strong technical experience in marine ecological engineering with the development and implementation of pioneering processes that aim to preserve and enhance biodiversity in coastal urban areas.

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