Delivering for Dover (UK)

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Nigel Bodell_TailleOKThe paper will address the importance of Dover to both the UK & intra-European trade, facilitating and enabling growth on a local and national level, and the aims and drivers of the Dover Western Docks Revival as a means of preserving and increasing port capacity to become a catalyst for local regeneration. The Western Docks project will combine logistics, port and leisure activities. The project also demonstrates the benefits of working together with the local community and the stakeholder engagement that can improve relationships between port and town.

Nigel Bodell is Head of Port Development at the Port of Dover. The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest and most commercially successful ferry port. Acknowledged by UK Government as the best practice example of port master planning, the port is a critical and regulated part of UK national infrastructure facilitating in excess of 13 million passengers, nearly 5 million vehicles, and approximately 20,000 shipping movements per annum all contributing a significant proportion of UK GDP – circa £100 billion/annum.
Nigel has over thirty years experience of planning and delivering development works in the port environment. With high-level client interface across a large project portfolio, currently leading a development team who specialise in planning and delivering a mix of marine, civil engineering and building projects within an extremely busy operational port.
Has played a key role in the 30 year master plan for the Port of Dover and is the Programme Manager for Dover Western Docks Revival. Nigel is currently engaged on a consultancy commission in Taiwan to guide the major future development of three ports managed by Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd (TIPC).
Is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a Member of the Association for Project Management and a Registered Member of the Association for Project Safety. Nigel is a co-opted committee member representing maritime interests on PIANC UK. PIANC being the world association focussed on Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. Nigel is also a member and secretary on PIANC Working Group 158 – Masterplans for the Development of Existing Ports.

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