Jean Pierre Lecomte, President of AIVP

DUB_JPL_tailleOKJean Pierre Lecomte is a professional in the freight transport and port industry. During his career with the SAGA Group, until 1993 he was president and CEO of Jokelson SA, shipping agents, and also Setrec, a road haulage firm. From 1993 onwards, he took on a number of senior roles, particularly in the fields of marine insurance and freight transport. He also became a prominent figure in the economic life of Le Havre with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the UMEP (port and maritime federation) and the Union Patronale de la Région Havraise (employers’ union, part of Medef). In addition, he has been an advisor to the Banque de France’s Le Havre branch, and an economic and social advisor to the Upper Normandy region. In 1998, he was elected president of the Port of Le Havre, a position he held for over 10 years. He was appointed president of AIVP in 2009.

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