Port Masterplan Genoa (Italy): a new step towards the integration of the working port

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DUR-Paola Giampietri _tailleOKThe Port of Genoa is unique in as much as it extends along a 22-kilometre stretch of coastline, effectively surrounded by the city, with the result that a large part of the working port coastline has the dual function of urban waterfront. Consequently, the Port Authority seeks to pave the way for a competitive port and for a healthy local economy, whilst also focusing greater attention on environmental issues.
The new Port Master Plan is a bold response to the need to identify a new model for port development, in collaboration with local government and the other public and private stakeholders, and to improve relations between the port and the city which in Genoa live side by side.
There are specific areas where this dichotomy is heightened. The Prà container terminal, the cruise/ferry areas in the historical part of the port and the shipbuilding / repair sector are three examples of the complex relationship between enhanced port activities and the surrounding urban fabric and they are also examples of concerted planning on the part of Local Government and the Port Authority.
A mix of planning ideas and “immaterial” actions has been proposed to meet both port operational and urban regeneration requirements and to improve the integration of the working port.

After graduation in Transport and Maritime e Economics in 2003, Paola Giampietri specialised in Maritime and Port Economics and Management with a Master Degree.
She joined the Genoa Port Authority in 2004 where she worked in the Planning and Development Department, with the responsibility of port strategic planning, concession agreements management, port competition analysis, maritime and logistics studies, macroeconomic researches.
Since the beginning of 2014, Paola is in charge of the Port Master Plan Office, whose tasks mainly concerns the elaboration of the new Genoa Port Master Plan, the evaluation of the compliance of building projects with the Port Master Plan, the planning of the new port infrastructure developments and the joint planning with the Genoa Municipality of the port-city interface areas.

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