Getting port governance right = getting investment decisions right

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MAL_picture_peter_de_langen_105-135The advent of mega-ships spurs important debates about investments to accommodate these ships. However, this discussion too often starts from the premise that all ports have to accommodate such ships. I argue the core challenge for “getting investment decisions right” is “getting port governance right”. While currently these decisions are often political decisions, a shift to a governance model in which they become more (not fully!) driven by a business case logic has potentially huge advantages. This argument is substantiated with examples and best cases and used to re-think pricing of ports.

Dr. Peter de Langen is the owner of Ports & Logistics Advisory (PLA). PLA works for leading organisations in the ports industry, amongst others in The Netherlands, Spain, Panama, Brazil, Indonesia and Ivory Coast. PLA aims to provide high impact contributions to projects and organisations. Peter is a part-time professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he aims to develop cutting edge research in ports & logistics. Peter is a though leader in the port industry; his work is widely red and cited, he publishes opinion pieces in Port Strategy and regularly speaks at industry conferences. From 2007 to 2013, Peter was corporate strategist at Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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