Preparing the City Port for the advent of Megaships: how Valencia tackles the challenges?

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MAL_picture_Ramon_Gomez_105-135The size increase of containerships is a continuous trend since the early day s of containerization, accelerated in recent years by the current megaships trend. The port of Valencia has faced this challenge over time in two steps: the first starting in the mid 80s with the South enlargement of the port; the second starting in the mid of 2000s with the North enlargement. Both having an enormous impact on the port scenario and its interaction with the city, but leading to a surge of port activity providing employment and added value to the local community and competitiveness and welfare to the regional and national economy. In this presentation a review is made of actions taken or to be taken to adapt port infrastructure, port services, port accesses and connections to the hinterland, cargo and container logistic services and port-city interface, the latter to make the port area more permeable to citizens while preserving safety and security of operations. Reference is also made to how information technologies, sustainability and human resources development aspects are being addressed to tackle the megaships challenges.

Ramón Gómez-Ferrer is deputy director of the Valencia Port Authority (VPA) in Spain since December 2015, in charge of strategic planning. He formerly has been the VPA general director for 12 years (2003-2015).   Gómez-Ferrer joined the VPA in 1988, and worked in a number of positions prior to his nomination as general director, including head of the planning department, assistant to the general director, director of innovation and cooperation, and as director of the port’s strategic planning office. Gómez-Ferrer earned his bachelor’s degree in port and civil engineering from the School of Civil Engineering at Valencia Polytechnic University in Spain. He holds a master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University in the USA Gómez-Ferrer is Spanish representative at the ESPO General Assembly and member of the ESPO Ports Governance Committee. He has lectured throughout the world at conferences, congresses and courses on environmental and port issues and he is a former general manager of  EUROPHAR – European Economic Interest Group, and former Director of the Valencia port IPEC-Port Institute Foundation.

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