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AIVP Indian Ocean Days, 8-9 november 2018 – Le Port (La Réunion – France)

Christian Corre, Secrétaire Général, Union Maritime de MayotteChristian Corre was born in 1961, in Brest in Brittany, a city with a long maritime and military history that naturally saw him gravitate towards a career in the navy, with which he enlisted in 1982. Over the next 25 years, he divided his time between deployments at sea on various French naval vessels, and spells in land-based roles for the naval staff. After a final posting to the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, he settled in Mayotte in 2008, working as operations director for a shipping line handling local passenger and goods transport, before joining Mayotte Channel Gateway, which operates the commercial port. Since October 2016, he has been secretary-general of the Union Maritime de Mayotte. Christian Corre is the father of two daughters.