Accenta favours an integrated approach that enables building owners to decarbonise their buildings by up to -80%. To do that, it relies on five things:

  1. An innovative, low-carbon heating/air-conditioning concept: By combining geothermal storage with artificial intelligence, we have created the lowest carbon technology for heating and air-conditioning.
  2. A smart Building Management System to control facilities’ energy use automatically using artificial intelligence.
  3. An Energy Management System to supervise all energy consumption by one or more properties in real-time and track even the smallest inefficiencies.
  4. An integrated approach that includes project Design, Realisation, Operation, Maintenance, and Financing.
  5. A performance commitment: we make wide use of AI-guided Energy Performance Contracts and performance-based remuneration.

Why did you decide to join AIVP?

Ports and port cities have an important part to play in the transition to a low carbon world. They are at the crossroads of international goods traffic, and are expected to contribute to efforts to reduce the share of fossil fuels used to power ships, which impact both on the climate and submarine wildlife. But the influence of ports and port cities does not stop there. Activity is supported by a variety of infrastructures, which include many buildings whose energy use can be reduced as part of a global environment effort.
As a specialist in decarbonisation of buildings, Accenta’s role is to help owners of all kinds of tertiary buildings to facilitate their environmental transition. So naturally we have joined AIVP to contribute to initiatives in ports and port cities.

How do you expect to benefit from your membership of AIVP?

By joining AIVP, we are aiming to be part of a collective approach that brings together the various stakeholders involved in the day to day lives of ports and port cities, in order to come up with practical solutions for the environmental transition. In particular, we believe the ability to share experiences and ideas nationally and internationally will enable us to accelerate this approach.

What can you bring to AIVP (expertise, information about projects, others)?

Accenta brings specific expertise combining energy, buildings, and artificial intelligence. So it specifically deals with ideas and initiatives relating to storage facilities, offices, homes, shops, or public buildings in ports and port cities.