Strengthening our strategy for international cooperation

The year 2023 will mark the full operational deployment of the development strategy adopted by the members at the General Assembly on 24 November 2020. In an international health situation that is gradually moving towards normality, 5 strategic axes will frame all actions, continuing and completing those initiated in 2021 but slowed down due to the pandemic.

Network enlargement and its dynamics will remain at the heart of our programme. It is a question of enhancing the initiatives of the members and federating them around our Agenda 2030. The visibility given to the development of the Ports Centers, which enable the whole of the City-Port ecosystem to be federated locally, will be reinforced at a time when initiatives are multiplying in numerous port cities. Prospecting actions, indispensable for the growth of our network, will be further intensified. The governance bodies will be mobilised in close collaboration with the General Management and a specific and long term promotion campaign aimed at American port cities will be launched.

In 2023, we will of course continue to capitalise on the exchange of experience and good practice. As the health situation stabilises, our events programme will resume its rhythm with a major annual meeting now scheduled for the end of the year. The Port Center and Cruise working groups will continue their work. Around Agenda 2030, the self-diagnosis tool, the development of which has required considerable work in 2022, will take shape. It will enable members to assess their actions with regard to the Agenda 2030 while promoting the good practices identified in the network. Finally, 2023 will see the end of the first edition of our e-learning course on the sustainable port city and the launch of the second promotion.

The international cooperation between port cities will constitute our 3rd axis of development, always with the will to put the knowledge of some of our members at the service of others. A new multi-annual project will complete the ongoing projects on sustainability and energy issues. This project will involve more specifically the river port cities. At the same time, AIVP will continue to offer its members personalised benchmarking services: reports on good practices, masterclasses, Port Center opportunity studies.

In the continuation of the actions carried out in 2022, extending the influence and notoriety of the AIVP will remain one of our objectives for 2023. To this end, we will continue our involvement in various action programmes led by our partners: the FAO (Blue Port Initiative), Un Climate Champions, OECD (Blue Economy Research), UFM, etc. We will solicit speeches at international events, we will mobilise our experts and we will accentuate our communication towards the outside of the network. Finally, 2023 will be the year in which the Antoine Rufenacht AIVP Prize announced at the Tangiers Conference will be implemented. This prize, named after the former Mayor of Le Havre and founder of AIVP, will reward a remarkable Port-City development operation.

To carry out this programme, we will continue to favour an agile organisation and operation. The successive recruitments carried out over the past year within the Directorate General will be consolidated. The reorganisation of the governance will continue in the direction of a better representation of the network and a strong involvement, in accordance with the new statutes adopted in June 2021. The reflections on the business model around the AIVP world conferences will be put back on the agenda, taking into account the now normalized health situation and the evolution of expectations. Finally, in 2023, the AIVP will lay the foundations of a new CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility).