On the initiative of Cerema (an AIVP member) and the Works and Construction Engineers’ High School, the first French Maritime Engineering Meeting was recently held in Caen. AIVP took part in the opening round table of the meeting. AIVP Director General, Bruno Delsalle, had the opportunity to raise various topics which are in our association’s DNA. He talked about the complexity of the port city ecosystem and the multiplicity of stakeholders, as well as the necessity of dialogue with city populations. It appears that the social acceptability of large-scale maritime engineering works is more and more frequently a critical factor for companies in the industry.

Two other major issues enriched the debate. On the one hand the participation of port cities in energy transition and the development of marine power. On the other, the involvement of port cities in re-industrialisation policies, including the challenges of land use and the recognition of ports’ public interest responsibilities in wetlands preservation.

The meeting was judged a success and may be repeated in June 2023.

Bruno Delsalle, Director General of the AIVP
Pascal Terrasse, Deputy Director General of Cerema