Tangier, Morocco and online – 10th of May 2022 

On Tuesday 10th of May 2022, the 4th meeting for the Working Group on Cruises and Port Cities took place in a hybrid format, with participants meeting in Tangier and online. The Moroccan port city hosted the 17th World Conference Cities and Ports, hence providing the perfect opportunity for the members of the working group to meet physically after several virtual meetings. This initiative, launched by AIVP and MedCruise in 2021 gathers 25 members from both organizations to exchange good practices that can foster a sustainable interaction between cruises and port cities.  

The meeting was chaired by Silvia Coppolino Director of the MedCruise BoD and José M P Sanchez Director of Agenda AIVP 2030 and moderated by Aimilia Papachristou, General Secretary of MedCruise. The main topics this time were Resilience & Sustainability. The participants learnt from the experiences shared by:  

  • Mr. Stephen Xuereb, GPH COO Plc and CEO of Valetta Cruise Port Plc 
  • Ms. Valeria Mangiarotti, Marketing manager of Port Network Authority of the Sardinian Sea and Director of Sustainability Environmental issues MedCruise 
  • Mr. Jamil Ouazzani, Director of Marketing & Strategic Intelligence in Tangier City Port Management Company and Director of EcoSystem and Sustainability 
  • Mr. Ioannis Pappas, Director Mediterranean Region of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).