The week of 22 May 2023 marked a very important milestone for the Port-City relationship in Valparaíso (Chile) and for AIVP itself. On Tuesday 23rd May, Mayor Jorge Sharp, the President of EPV, Luis Eduardo Escobar and Bruno Delsalle, General Director of AIVP signed the AIVP Port Center Charter, the document that formalizes the membership of the port and the city to the Port Center Network.

At the same event, José M P Sánchez, Director of the Agenda 2030 of AIVP, presented the conclusions of the consultancy that AIVP has carried out for EPV during the last six months. This study identifies the main vectors for the future Port Center of Valparaiso. The new project solidifies the dialogue already initiated a couple of years ago and will dynamize the interaction between all the actors of the urban and port community. AIVP is proud of helping the Port of Valparaiso in this new step towards a sustainable port-city relationship.