Last week, Mr. Bruno Delsalle, General Manager, and Mr. José M Pagés Sánchez, Director of the AIVP Agenda 2030, embarked on a significant visit to the Chilean port cities of Valparaíso, San Antonio, and Talcahuano. As ambassadors of AIVP, their mission was to foster international cooperation, share best practices, and strengthen ties with the Chilean port cities.   

The representatives of AIVP commenced their trip in Valparaíso, where the Port Authority and the Municipality signed the Port Center Charter. In the same public event, AIVP also presented the conclusions of the Port Center study that has been developed since last November. During the visit, both Bruno Delsalle and José M P Sánchez could visit the different terminals and port facilities, acknowledging the efforts been done for a sustainable port-city interaction. Continuing their journey, AIVP’s General Manager arrived in San Antonio, to visit Chile’s largest port. The Port Authority is also a member of the board of AIVP and has been actively supporting the local community. Mr. Delsalle engaged in fruitful discussions with the management and local stakeholders. At the same time, Mr. Pagés Sánchez travelled to Talcahuano, a port city recognized for its resilience after the terrible earthquakes and Tsunami of 2010. By exchanging experiences and case studies with the logistic community, Mr. Pagés Sanchez highlighted the importance of innovation and digital tools, as well as the crucial role of the relationship with the community for a sustainable port-city interaction.  

AIVP’s trip to Chile proved to be a resounding success in strengthening global collaboration and knowledge exchange. By sharing expertise in sustainable port-city development, embracing digital transformation, and nurturing the dialogue with the local communities, we laid the foundation for long-lasting partnerships and cooperation. AIVP’s commitment to fostering sustainable and prosperous port cities was reinforced, while the Chilean port authorities gained valuable insights to further enhance their port operations and embrace future challenges.