Proceedings and videos

Synthesis and conclusions

Synthesis and conclusions
Yann Alix, Délégué Général de la Fondation Sefacil et Responsable Marketing & Stratégie – SOGET, Le Havre, France

Comments from delegates

The hidden treasures that make ports thrive
Maurice Jansen, Senior Innovation, Research and Development Managern STC Group, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The port-city animation? We have to do…
José M P Sanchez, Hafencity University Hamburg – AIVP, Germany

Live with delegates: questions and results

Key note speech

Competing through port-city animation
Michel Desvigne, Paysagiste, Paris, France
Inessa Hansch, Architecte, Paris, France

Panel 1: Return on investment for the territory (round table)

Eamonn O’Reilly, CEO, Dublin Port Company, Ireland
Maurice Jansen, STC Group, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Alberto Cappato, CEO, Porto Antico, Genova, Italy
Michel Desvigne, Paysagiste, Paris, France
Inessa Hansch, Architecte, Paris, France

Panel 2: Le Havre, territorial appeal and the Port-City relationship (round table)

Florent Saint Martin, Adjoint au Maire chargé de l’Urbanisme, Ville du Havre, France
Thomas Malgras, Directeur du GIP Le Havre 500 ans, France
Anne Coste de Champeron, Directrice Générale Adjointe, Communauté d’Agglomération du Havre, France
Fabienne Delafosse, Présidente du club TPE/PME, CCI Seine Estuaire, France
Baptiste Maurand, Directeur Général Adjoint, Haropa – Port du Havre, France

Panel 3: Creating a community of Port-City interests

Communities of Port-City interests: yesterday, today, tomorrow
Carola Hein, Professor and Head, Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Marseille: the principles of on-going consultation on the West port
Renaud Paubelle, Directeur de l’Aménagement, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, France

The Barcelona Nautical Cluster, a tool for the economic Ciy Port animation
Toni Tio, Presidente, Barcelona Clúster Náutico, España

Panel 4: Opening up the City Port interface to the port as a spectacle

La Rochelle: the Maison du Port central to a new connection between the port, its district and the public
Bernard Plisson
, Responsable Mission Développement Durable, Port Atlantique la Rochelle, France

Quebec: a port promenade to integrate and highlight the port’s activities more effectively
Mario Girard
, Président Directeur Général, Administration portuaire de Québec, Canada

Las Palmas: the City Port interface as a vector for restoring the city’s tourist appeal
Esteban del Nero Beneitez
, Subdirector General y Director de la Área de Ordenación Portuaria, Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas, España

Panel 5: Bringing City / Port / Citizen interaction to life

Valparaiso: a variety of City Port events throughout the year
Raúl Erazo
, Director, Empresa Portuaria Valparaiso, Chile

Venice: diversifying events and activities to reach out to all audiences
Federica Bosello
, Head of Promotion, Communication and Institutional Relations, Port of Venice, Italy

Brest: from the popular festival to the hackathon via the information centre
Marc Dufournaud
, Directeur, Syndicat Mixte pour le Développement de Brest Iroise, France