Competing through port-city animation

Far from being a luxury available only to those port cities with the most illustrious history or the most favourable economic context, dialogue between the city, port, businesses and local community is increasingly key to successful development, and a guarantee of better international competitiveness. To initiate this dialogue, which is expected to produce positive results in terms of the way citizens take on board projects and local objectives, local stakeholders are developing a variety of different approaches.

From simple open days designed to give a wide audience an insight into the economic realities of local ports and industries, to the introduction of “port center” style mediation platforms, or festive and cultural events aimed at residents or visitors, the range of solutions employed to promote city-port projects is considerable. By driving the combination of port and industrial values, all these strategies serve to enhance the capacity for dialogue with citizens about their future quality of life, in relation to the projects sponsored by the port, the city and their partners. They promote the industrial, economic or social innovations that will make tomorrow’s port cities and encourage all concerned to think about their role in the dynamics that are taking shape.

The port-city animation is therefore key to the cohesion and vibrancy of a community whose economic, social and environmental futures are closely intertwined. Committing to it fully, however, does not mean there are no questions to be considered. This is why four debates will take place during these new AIVP Days.


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