Human Capital Development is one of the key vectors for the Port Authority of Algeciras. There are three key interconnected areas, in which the port authority has invested to become a smart port and center for research and innovation. First, cooperates with the University of Cadiz (UCA), in the Master courses for port engineering, management and logistics. Second, this cooperation will be strengthened with the new facilities the port authority is planning in the Port-City interface, the plan of Lago Marítimo in the area of the Llano Amarillo. In the new building, the UCA will have an innovation center for port and logistics, and it will be the headquarters of the European University of the Seas. The same project also includes a new port center and museum. Finally, the port authority is also developing a program named Journey of Innovation, including the Algeciras BrainPort initiative. This program wants to nurture an open innovation culture in the port authority and port community, exploring the opportunities new technologies bring to improve logistic services and integrated solutions. This I+D+i program includes support to start ups and awards for master students, besides events and open calls for ideas.