The Grand Port Maritime of Guadeloupe started the environmental Plan Cáyoli in 2016, planned over 15 years, to protect and restore the coastal ecosystems, particularly the 3 most emblematic natural milieux of the islands present in the port: mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass. The Cáyoli plan is prepared for short, medium and long term. The first two years were dedicated scientific research to have strict action protocols to restore and manage the chosen ecosystems. The concrete actions are organized in 5 typologies: active environmental restoration, pedagogic program, optimization of infrastructure, ecosite surveillance and valorisation and ecotourism. The budget of the plan is of €6M for 3 key areas: Petit-Cul-de Sac Marin, Folle Anse à Marie-Galante and Basse-Terre. Among the main actions developed since 2016 are mangrove and coral nurseries, restoration of nesting areas for different species, or sensibilization campaigns with students. For the coming years the port wants to potentiate the cooperative vocation of the Cáyoli plan, working with other environmental organizations.