May 2022 has proven a crucial month for the dynamization of the AIVP network. After the 17th Edition of the World Conference in Tangier, Morocco, gathering almost 350 participants in person and online, AIVP travelled to Valparaíso in Chile to meet with members, explain the importance of the port-city relationship and highlight Port Centers as the best tools to establish a continuous dialogue with the citizens.

José Manuel Pagés Sánchez, Director of the AIVP Agenda 2030 Projects and Content of our organization participated as speaker in the 7th edition of ENLOCE (Encuentro Internacional de Logística & Comercio Exterior) organized by FISA and EPV (Empresa Portuaria de Valparaíso – Port Authority of Valparaíso, AIVP member). The congress counted with the opening words of Chile’s new transport minister, that emphasized the importance of the social integration of the port and the need to establish new dialogue forms, well aligned with AIVP’s mission. José Sánchez presentation was part of the port-city relationship session, that also included presentations by Mr. Fausto Arroyo main executive – Expert in Logistics, CAF (Banco Desarrollo América Latina) and Mr. Franco Gandolfo, General Manager of EPV and President, Foro Logístico de Valparaíso – FOLOVAP, and was moderated by Prof. Paola Moraga, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Port City Session – 7th edition of the ENLOCE Conference

During the visit to Valparaíso, José Sánchez also made an exclusive presentation for the port authority’s staff to explain international examples of good practice for port-city relationship, as well as held several meetings to discuss the future Port Center of Valparaíso with the management of EPV and potential partners. Further on, other activities included meetings with the head of the organization responsible for the UNESCO heritage area and numerous visits to the terminals and the bay to understand the extraordinary complexity of the port-city relationship in this context.

Meetings with the port city actors of Valparaíso

The participation in ENLOCE was also an excellent opportunity to highlight with the press the work Chilean members of AIVP are developing for sustainable port-city relationship, from Valparaíso Dialoga and the ZEAL in Valparaíso, to the Acuerdo Producción Limpia (Clean Production Deals) in San Antonio, to the port-city reconstruction and the “Puerto Educa” (port educates) from Talcahuano. Chilean members have been active very active in AIVP’s network as the recent reelection of the Port of San Antonio for AIVP’s board of directors demonstrates. One the highlights of this trip was also meeting with the members of the management team of this port authority.

AIVP expresses its gratitude to the conference organizers and EPV thanks to whom this trip was possible. Our organization is looking forward to expanding the network in this country and Latin America, and develop new and exciting projects with its members, such as the port center of Valparaíso.

Views of Valparaíso