Alberto Cappato, secretary of the AIVP, received the “Falanto Awards” during the ceremony of the Taranto Port Days 2023, in southern Italy. This award was set up by the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto to highlight personalities and companies that have distinguished themselves for their activities in favour of the territory and the Taranto community. The decision of the Port Authority was justified as follows:

“Since the beginning of the collaboration with this Port System Authority, the prestigious Network of AIVP, thanks to its President (Edouard Philippe) and the permanent team, has allowed the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea to open new visions to consolidate the strengths and results of our actions towards the rebranding of the city-port of Taranto at the international level, from a local to a global perspective. Continued and inspiring collaboration with the Association has contributed to the development of common strategies within the global city-port system, including through the implementation of the Agenda 2030 goals, with the goal of transcending physical boundaries and shaping the port world as a broader cross-cultural system.”

AIVP is very honoured and thankful for receiving this award, recognizing its cooperation with a very active member such as the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea. The AIVP looks forward to even more intense collaboration in the years to come.