The Port and the City of Marseilles are cooperating on various aspects of the Euromeditarranée, urban regeneration plan, including carbon-neutral development. One example is the Smartseille in the new EcoCité Euroméditerranée district. “Massileo” a smart renewable energy network, was implemented as part of this project. Massileo uses marine energy: seawater is captured in the harbour basins to heat or cool an urban water circuit and thus supply with heating or air conditioning the offices, shops and dwellings present on the 2,7 hectares of this eco-district. A similar network has been in operation since 2016 with the « Thalassia » energy central plant.

Fonctionnement de la Centrale géothermique de Marseille

The system also allows offices and dwellings to exchange heat between them: the heat generated by air conditioning is recovered for the production of hot water. The system saves energy and reduces emissions by using a resource specific to port cities: the thermal qualities of sea water.

Marseille Ville Port
Source : Grand Port maritime de Marseille © Thallasia/Cofely

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