The port of San Antonio has published several documents focused on sustainable planning, including the Relationship plan with opinion leaders, the integration of the Communications Plan, the Port City Plan, the Sustainability Plan and the Sustainability Report. Concerning sustainable development, one of the key goals is the implementation of the Deal for Clean Production (APL) with the Logistic Community of San Antonio (COLSA), including 16 companies. This deal was initially developed by the national government and later translated in different sectors at a local scale, with the goal of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly terminals and socially valuable activities. One example of these actions are the garbage and debris cleaning actions in the areas of Paseo Bellamar or Maipo river mouth, key areas for the citizens and the local ecosystem. In these actions, the port collected more ton 35 tons of waste in the first five months of 2019, while also engaging with young students to increase their awareness towards these issues.