Le travail de l’AIVP permet aux différents acteurs des zones portuaires d’avoir une meilleure connaissance de l’activité des partenaires, de leurs difficultés, réussites et projets.

Jean-Claude Baron, Technicien environnement, Ville de Lorient (France)

L’AIVP nous fournit une source incroyable de références facilement accessibles soit lors des rencontres ou à travers les publications.

Sylvie Vachon, Présidente directrice générale, Administration portuaire de Montréal (Canada)

L’apport de connaissances sur les projets ville-port qui constituent une mine d’expériences et d’expertise à adopter.

Alexis Guie Yves, Chef du département communication, Port autonome d’Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

Des ports et des villes du monde entier, des expériences de projets à toutes les échelles, des personnalités attachantes…

François Kern, Architecte urbaniste, Kern et associés (France)
AIVP Highlights
Genoa: 5th meeting of the AIVP Port Center Network (PCN) Working Group
Hermeline DELEPOUVE13 November 2018

A reduced PCN working group meeting brought together around thirty people from Europe and Canada. The meeting was officially hosted by Porto Antico, the Port Authority and the City of Genoa. Over a day and a half, a series of presentations were given by local stakeholders, with opportunity for debate and discussion, sharing of ideas, and field trips including a visit to the Port Center, which recently re-opened to the public, plus the Città dei Bambini, the Galata museum, and a research laboratory specialising in pioneering biomaterials.

AIVP Mission to Valparaiso
Hermeline DELEPOUVE9 November 2018

On his recent trip to Chile, Olivier Lemaire, AIVP Director General, was able to visit San Antonio, active member of AIVP since 2011, today the country’s largest port in terms of cargo tonnage and a port city with a promising future. He was able to meet with the port, municipal and provincial authorities, and visit port sites.

CALL FOR TENDERS: a strategic study for AIVP
Hermeline DELEPOUVE6 November 2018

The AIVP 2030 agenda prepared at the World Conference in Quebec will be proposed for ratification by the year end. It contains nearly a dozen major challenges for port cities in adapting to all the transformations currently occurring and meeting the expectations of our societies at the start of this 21st century. In order to support its members in these challenges as strongly as possible, AIVP would like to review its missions, services offered and organisation. The Board of Directors has therefore decided to carry out a strategic study during the first half of 2019;

AIVP is looking for a consulting service to assist in this process. To obtain the specifications for this consultation service, please write to Proposals must reach AIVP before 27 November 2018..


Melbourne: revised project for Fishermans Bend
12 November 2018

The State Government of Victoria had announced its intention to promote a model development on the site between the port, the Yarra River and the bay, housing 80,000 people by 2050. The proposal had attracted 26 projects by developers at the start of this year, and the prospect of a forest of skyscrapers stirred up debate. The number and height of the tower-blocks will be regulated, and the inclusion of low-cost housing will be a condition for acceptance. The new district must also be compatible with port needs.

Full article : AIVP news 2017 ; The Age (2018, Fev) ; The Age (2018, Oct)

Reducing emissions from maritime transport by 20% by 2050 raises economic and technological questions. Isemar tries to bring some elements of response.
12 November 2018
OECD: the power of alliances could prompt a rethink of port policies, especially in Europe.
12 November 2018

The issue of maritime alliances is the focus of the latest report by the ITF, which shows that the concentration of container ship owners is currently impacting on quality and service. There is real pressure on terminal and port operators, whose development is partly funded by the public sector. The ITF is calling for competition law to be applied in full to shipping, port projects to be assessed on common principles and standards, and finally a rethink of national and supra-regional port policies.

Full article: ITF OCDE


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