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Mega-ships: which impacts for port-cities?

Dock infos N°101This year’s annual general meeting of our association in Malaga will once again be an opportunity to bring together all those with a stake in the sustainable development of port communities. In Malaga we will be debating the issue of mega-ships, not just the shipping behemoths but also the giant cruise liners, which for many of us are a very real manifestation of globalisation, and perhaps of its excesse… Port authorities and local communities need to work together to devise new strategies. Read more…

Philippe Matthis
President of’AIVP

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Case study
Pasaia: A redefinition of city and port spaces

© Puerto de PasaiaIn September 2015 the Port Council of Pasaia gave the green light for the Special Plan for the regeneration of Pasaia Bay. This is no doubt the result of a decision taken as part of the 2015-2025 Strategic Plan for the port to defer the construction of an outer port. The particular configuration of the port of Pasaia inside the bay and its close proximity to different administrative districts and residential areas required a redefinition of port and urban uses in this territory in order to preserve the port’s competitiveness and its future. […]

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Case study
Oslo: a new step for the city – port relationship

The work undertaken in 2005 on the Tjuvholmen sector marked the real starting point of the “Fjord City” project. The developments have been completed in 2014 across Tjuvholmen and redevelopment work has been also largely completed for the Bjorvika sector and its iconic Opera House.
For now, the two remaining sectors – Vippetangen and Filipstad – are still mainly given over to port activity. The situation is set to evolve quickly, however, particularly in the case of Filipstad. […]

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Tangier: a fascinating and highly productive study trip!

A combination of both wonder and a certain admiration were in evidence in the discussions between the AIVP members present in Tangier for this study trip: wonder at the sheer scale and number of projects; and admiration at the speed with which some of them have been brought to fruition. We look back at an audacious ambition that has already been crowned with success. (Read more…)

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The AIVP network’s 2015-2016 directory: 2000 personalised contacts in over 120 port cities!

Annuaire 2015-2016The worldwide network of port cities has active members on five continents. The directory is an essential way for them to exchange ideas and draw lessons from the experience of others, and a high added-value resource for members looking to implement strategic projects.

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Plan the city with the port: guide of good practices

Plan the city with the port: guide of good practicesThe purpose of this Guide is to provide decision makers and stakeholders a decision support tool for addressing the problems they will face when putting into practice the ideal of “Planning the city with the port”. The guidelines contained herein, and the examples provided, do not claim to be complete or exhaustive. They are meant as sources of inspiration to address four major topics: spatial organisation; economic development strategies; environmental challenges, project management and governance. Continue reading…

The papers of the 14th World Conference Cities and Ports are available on line

James Nxumalo, Mayor of Durban ; M. Tau Morwe, the CEO of the Transnet National Ports Authority ; M. Jean Pierre Lecomte, President of AIVP © AIVPHow can we strive to improve the quality of life of our citizens whilst guaranteeing increased competitiveness for our city-port zones? How can we face up to the challenges of globalisation and competitiveness whilst implementing sustainable and responsible growth? How can we push for smart, shared solutions that respond to our specific needs : those of the port city?

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