AIVP Recommendation

By working together with all of the businesses present in the industrial-port area from an early stage, all of the appropriate legal options can be examined, along with the range of solutions that businesses can adopt in order to comply with environmental legislation. This process begins in the very first stages of a project to maintain, extend or establish industrial and port activities.

Barcelona (Spain)

In 2016, the Port of Barcelona began work on a sectorial Sustainable Development Plan, in conjunction with representatives from every sector of the logistics and port community, along with interest groups.


Antwerp (Belgium)

The Port of Antwerp has made cooperation with stakeholders the cornerstone of its sustainability commitment. This collective approach resulted in the publication of a first sustainability report in 2010.


Delfzijl (Netherlands)

In Delfzijl, the very close proximity between port activities (Groningen SeaPorts), industrial activities and the city centre makes for a particularly complex and challenging situation.
Work was carried out with all of the businesses concerned.