In 2016, the Port of Barcelona began work on a sectorial Sustainable Development Plan, in conjunction with representatives from every sector of the logistics and port community, along with interest groups. After consulting the stakeholders, discussions took place to identify the indicators that would be used for the sectorial plan, based on the Global Reporting Initiative Guide.

By signing up to this initiative, stakeholders undertake to contribute to an annual survey, providing the Port with the data needed to establish a sectorial sustainability report. The Port, meanwhile, undertakes to maintain strict confidentiality for the various parties supplying it with data. The first report was published in 2017, and acted as a pilot project with a SWOT analysis used to fine-tune the initiative, with the next step being to devise an action plan. Every two to three years, the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders will be re-examined, to reorient the action plan.

The 2017 action plan was defined with the participation of 53 businesses and institutions. It addresses the sustainable development goals laid down in the Port’s 3rd strategic plan for 2015-2020, in three key areas: economy, society and environment. The environmental component includes measures to reduce energy and water consumption in the port, cut atmospheric emissions, reduce effluents and residues, along with the impact of transport and the prevention of environmental risks.

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