The economic growth of the port of Koper has made environmental issues a key focus of debate in recent years. A variety of initiatives have been adopted, aimed at managing and reducing the port’s environmental impact. Technical measures specifically concerning air pollution were found to be insufficient.

A coal and mineral terminal and dust emissions posed a particular problem. The solution adopted in December 2013 is based on a more global approach to waste management, namely a circular approach summed up by the slogan « no waste, just resources » which earned an award from the ESPO in 2014.
The process involves reusing waste from the paper industry which is sprayed on the heap of coals and mineral and then dries, creating a protective crust. The quality of the coal and mineral is unaffected by this process, and measurements taken in windy conditions with gusts exceeding 100 km/h have confirmed its efficacy. It replaces the more traditional spraying techniques, while saving some 3000 m3 of water annually.

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