AIVP Recommendation

Water, present by definition in all port territories, is a natural asset and a source of energy. Faced with the challenge of climate change, using water in port basins as a source of energy represents a sustainable economic concept that can be exploited by port cities.

Tallinn (Estonia)

In Tallinn, sea water is used to provide air-conditioning at the « Seaplane Harbour Museum », a branch of Estonia’s Maritime Museum.


San Francisco (United States)

The process of renovating and refurbishing San Francisco’s built heritage began hesitantly in the 1960s. Fifty years later, converting a loft in a warehouse has become the stuff of cliché. But since the early 2000s, the quest for sustainable architecture appears to have become a priority.


Marseilles (France)

The environmental evaluation authority had approved the creation of a chilled water plant in the East dock basins of the port of Marseilles.