The environmental evaluation authority had approved the creation of a chilled water plant in the East dock basins of the port of Marseilles. It will be used to run the air-conditioning inside the buildings (housing, hotels, and offices) making up the planned Euromed Centre, located behind the Silo d’Arenc. Thassalia / Engie Cofely began work on the new installation on 30 September 2014.
The plant is installed at the port (under a long-term agreement with the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille). Water are drawn from the port’s dock basins, to take advantage of their stable temperatures.

© Euroméditerranée

The plant was inaugurated on October 2016. After a phasing-in period, by 2020 the plant will cover 500,000 m² of office space and will reduce energy use by 40%, water consumption by 65% and greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

Vidéo : Inauguration 2016

Source : Grand Port maritime de Marseille © Thallasia/Cofely
Source : Grand Port maritime de Marseille © Thallasia/Cofely