AIVP Recommendation

Lack of knowledge about the port’s activities and contribution to city life, especially in economic terms, is often a source of misunderstanding, indifference or even hostility on the part of citizens. In addressing this, the authorities have a crucial role to play which may entail:
– regular participation by the port authority in the city’s cultural and/or social activities (exhibition, charity, etc.);
– organising regular events (music, cinema, sports, sailing, “port days”, etc.) in City Port interface areas. The impact of such events can be maximised by holding them at sites with direct views of the working port or where port activities have been preserved.

Valencia (Spain)


The port authority and Fundación Valenciaport officially launched the “Aportem – Puerto Solidario Valencia” project in July 2013. It brings together various partners from Valencia’s port and logistics community around a shared goal: promoting corporate social responsibility…


San Diego (United States)

The Port of San Diego has adopted a pro-active policy on community relations, to promote dialogue and by active involvement and support for events organised at the port, waterfront and in the Bay of San Diego.


Valparaiso (Chile)

After 80 years without maritime works, the lack of available coastal land for port activities and the substantial rise in goods transit mean that one of Chile’s main ports is now in urgent need of redevelopment.