In Lorient, the Science and Maritime Centre (Espace des Sciences / Maison de la mer) has for many years been developing educational resources and actions in the maritime field. These include the “port study classes” created in 1990, which invite school pupils and university students to learn about maritime and port activities in the Lorient area, the issues involved and the ways in which they are changing. The “port circuits”, organized in summer and autumn, complete this approach with a number of different theme-based courses. Another example: the «Explo’r@de» app allowing to discover more than 120 highlights of the port spread over the bay, using augmented reality, improving the users’ experience. The app has been co-financed by the Port Center of Lorient.

On May 2016, Lorient Agglomération and Audelor (Urban Planning Agency) signed the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter and announced that the partners and Audélor will come together to work on the ten commitments that will define the local Port Center strategy, and create an internet portal to put the charter’s principles into practice”

Since 2016, a large Port Center working group has been actively implementing the project, led by Audélor, and bringing together the main stakeholders in the port territory (Lorient Agglomération, the City of Lorient, the Regional Council, SEM Lorient Keroman, the Morbihan CCI (Port of Commerce), SELLOR (marinas), the Espace des Sciences Maison de la Mer, the University of Southern Brittany, the Development Council, Bretagne Pôle Naval, and others.).

Launched in April 2018, the is designed to improve visibility for the facility’s educational services focused on maritime and port activities.
The platform is aimed squarely at residents of the region and also tourists, and English and Spanish versions of the website have gone online in March 2019.

The website, carries the official “Port Center By AIVP” label.