AIVP Recommendation

Ignorance of port territories or the needs and constraints associated with port activities can result in the population having a poor understanding of projects to redevelop City Port interface areas. Faced with what is often seen as an opaque process and the risk of misunderstanding or even outright rejection, it can be useful to adopt approaches aimed at better explaining the port and its relationship with the city. In addition, citizens can be consulted and informed at regular intervals as the project progresses. These measures will ensure proper dialogue while also bringing citizens on board with projects.

Long Beach (United States)

The Port believes it is vital for the community to be actively involved in drawing up the new masterplan. A series of actions have been planned to this end.


Lyon (France)

In 2010, the non-profit association « Robin des Villes » launched its « Des rives et des rêves » (Riverbanks & Dreams) programme, aimed at redefining the relationship between riverside industrial sites and towns. Lyon’s Edouard Herriot Port is the first to benefit from this approach.


Toronto (Canada)

« Port Lands »: a redevelopment project is currently being led jointly by Waterfront Toronto, the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, to redevelop 356 hectares of a former industrial and port site.