AIVP Recommendation

Whether or not they are predictable or controllable, the imponderables encountered during any large-scale development project are numerous. They turn projects into drawn-out affairs, with the population forced to wait for the results to become visible.
A strategy of regular, tangible communication can bring the project to life and help dispel the impression of inertia.

Bremen (Germany)

The masterplan for Uberseestadt and the redevelopment of 300 hectares planned for 2025 was completed in 2003. As early as 2004, an infocenter was created in the former warehouse known as « Speicher XI », to present the project and track its progress.


Auckland (New Zeland)

For the authorities responsible for Waterfront Auckland, it was not enough merely to create new buildings and organise events to attract the population to this formerly private site.


Le Port (Reunion Island – France)

The city of Le Port has an ambitious project to link up the old port with the heart of the city. It has embarked on a plan to develop an urban thoroughfare running through the city in a straight line, and allowing the different districts to converge on the port at Pointe des Galets to join the sea.