AIVP Recommendation

The City Port interface is characterised by the presence of water and dock basins. The waterfront can provide land solutions for both the port and the city. Shared use of the waterfront can be planned on the basis of a full survey of existing port infrastructure and urban amenities, their functions, and uses by the port and/or the city.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Dror + Gensler was selected for the master plan for Galaport, an 11 hectare site close to the old city. However, the cruise terminal made it impossible for pedestrians to access part of the 1.2 km stretch of docks. They


Paris (France)

As part of the redevelopment of Paris’ Tolbiac industrial port in 2010 and the rehabilitation of its public spaces, a HQE (High Environmental Quality) concrete plant belonging to the CEMEX Group was inaugurated. The plant is located in Tolbiac, within an urban zone.


Melbourne (Australia)

In 2005, an exhaustive survey was made of the various uses made of the waterfront (port-related activities, leisure/recreational, sports, etc.) and the facilities involved. Based on this survey, the different uses made of the waterfront were modelled in terms of time (i.e., at what time? by whom? which activities?), and in terms of space (where?, for what kind of land uses?).