Copenhagen, a beautiful city that is in some ways the victim of its own success, is facing a shortage of available residential space, particularly for students. The only remaining land available is close to the port. However, owing to its proximity to the port, Danish legislation prevents its use for permanent constructions.

The solution adopted is very similar to that employed in Amsterdam for the same regulatory zoning reasons, and entails using 40 foot containers as the building blocks of a student campus, designed by CPH Containers and architect Søren Nielsen (Vandkunsten Architects). The concept utilises the most elementary feature of a container – its transportability – to create a flexible solution that can be moved, if the site needs to be cleared in the future.

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A waiting list for the CPH Village was opened in September 2017, and the first students were due to move in at the start of November. The facility housed a total of 164 students at the end of 2017. A second village is planned for the second quarter of 2018 (for 250 people), followed by village 3 and 4 at the end of the year (500 people). CPH has already announced plans for other such villages in Copenhagen in 2019 and 2020. Altogether, a total of 2164 student accommodation units are expected to be built in nine villages. CPH Containers is then aiming to develop the project elsewhere in Denmark (Aarhus), Sweden (five villages planned for 2019) and farther afield (in the USA particularly).

More information: CPH Village ; Video : Village Intro ; Video : CPH Village Living Space

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