AIVP Recommendation

Special attention must be paid to the development of the urban/port interface, and to the links between these two worlds (bridges, footpaths, etc.). This includes making a careful choice of materials for visible surfaces, installing adequate urban and port equipping, and generating thoughtful designs to create an interesting transition between the two sectors.

Fremantle (Australia)

The Port of Fremantle created a promenade along the edge of Rous Head Industrial Park. The Rous Head Ocean Walk is based on the re-using of containers. It was designed with the landscape architects Blackwell & Associates and Turner Design.


Brussels (Belgium)

In Brussels, the emphasis on architectural and urban integration extends to the entire port area. In 1996, the Port of Brussels signed a « Development Charter » with the companies operating at the port. The document was updated in 2007.


Le Havre (France)

On one edge of the Eure district, residential units have been built in close proximity to ship-repair facilities. Special attention was paid to the boundaries between the two areas: rather than building a traditional type of fence, the planners chose a carefully-designed metal screen.