AIVP Recommendation

At the border between land and sea, the City Port landscape offers a rich, specific spectacle that combines the technical elements associated with port functions, dock basins and shipping, with typically urban views. The topography of port cities frequently provides natural viewing platforms or allows for paths overlooking this spectacle, creating unity between the active port and the city. But these views can also be deliberately planned during the design stage of projects, by including roof terraces or creating specific viewpoints.

Aarhus (Denmark)

In Aarhus, the temporary « Harbour Magnets » installations are changing the way people see the port and the docks.


Melbourne (Australia)

In 2013, the Port of Melbourne ordered the start of work to reconfigure the Webb Dock area in the south-west of the city, along with the construction of a container terminal with a minimum capacity of up to 1 million TEUs per year.


Hamburg (Germany)

The view point created at the foot of the « Marco Polo » tower and close to the cruise terminal commands 360° panoramic views of the Hafen City and Hamburg, the river, and the port areas located on the far bank.